Install Team




Lead Designer, Installer, Vehicle Owner and Maintainer, and Project Financier: Scott Buwalda

Vested Project Time: Approximately 7,000 physical hours and 2,000+ hours in planning (and this number keeps growing!)

Vested Project Funding: Approximately $175,000.00 of personal funds


Lead Interior Fabricator: Dwayne Blackwood

Vested Project Time: Approximately 1,000 hours


Lead Hardware and Software Engineering: Clay Howard

Vested Project Time: Approximately 1,500 hours


Lead Digital Audio Interface Software Engineer and Lead Graphics Engineering: Kevin Lewis, JK Labs

Lead Audio Engineer: Jeremy Carlson, JK Labs

Vested Project Time: Approximately 1,500 hours (and this number is growing every day in 2010!)


Performance/Engine Building: Simon Drummond

Vested Project Time: Approximately 500 hours

Other Volunteer Project Assistants: In addition to the above noted volunteer supporters of the project, Scott Buwalda would like to also thank several individuals for their support of this iteration of the "Black Betty" project since its beginning in Summer 2007.  Here they are in no particular order:

Dave Brooks

Russ Goggans

Jeff Scott

Chris Ott

Brian Kaywood

The above represents several hundred hours of additional labor, putting the project in its current trim well over an estimated 10,000 man-hours!