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The Build

The now well known Sound Quality Champion “Black Betty” was not always known by that name. The car started out as a brand new 1995 Nissan 240sx and has evolved quite a bit over the years of competition.

The car was bought new in white, and that is when Scott Buwalda, founder of Buwalda Hybrids and CEO of Hybrid Audio Technologies, started the process of becoming the highest scoring SQ competitor in North America. “Betty” has gone through multiple facelifts, car audio gear and stages in its life. What started as a white stock 240sx has now become a 1,000 whp multi-championship winning trailer queen. With Speed, Style, Sound and well over 10,000 hours of labor invested into the vehicle, Scott debuted “black betty” at Spring Break Nationals (SBN) in 2011. At that show he set records scoring a 996.5, the highest ever recorded car in competitive car audio. After that the car went on to win 3 more championships and is currently undefeated. The car was then retired in 2012. When asked why Scott retired the car it was pretty simple “as a friend once told me the more time I spend building my car is less time i’m spending growing my business”. In order to make Hybrid Audio what is today Scott retired the car from active competition, and creating crazy builds….until today.

Scott had an itch, he needed to build something huge to show he was still able to bring home the gold, but why start over when there was a known winner in the stable. We brushed off the car and started work in 2019 to become the champion once more. Technology has advanced since the cars debut in 2011, so it needed some updating, but no where near as much as we first thought. The infamous words “Keep It Simple Stupid” kept coming back to us. The car wins lets fix a couple things and compete. That is exactly what we did! As shown in the Gallery, the car has a front stage change and upgrade, it was built for a 2 seat car, so it needed to change to a 1 seat car. Next we went from tip to tale picking the car apart to make sure it was perfect for show. Every nut, bolt and washer was checked and made sure it was 304 stainless. The untreated raw horse leather had every mark and scratch fixed by a leather tech. Aeromotive hooked us up with a new fuel pump to run the VP C16 Race fuel to the motor. The seats were removed and recovered in brand new Black Alcantara. Every fuse, diagram, and function was replaced and tested for full functionality. We even had time to integrate a removable Ipad into to the dash for wireless control of all functions of the car via wireless hotspot. Lastly we detailed every inch of the car, it was put on a 2-post lift and pressured cleaned from underneath. From the front control arms to the inside of the exhaust tip the car was perfect. Then it was time to compete at the IASCA Championship finals in Louisville KY.

The car competed at the IASCA finals in October 2019 scoring a perfect score of 437 in install and a score of 226.5 in Sound. So after a 7 year hiatus “Black Betty” was the highest scoring car of the event and still undefeated. Why stop there?

After many discussions we decided that maybe we should be the first Team to ship a car overseas to the European world finals for Car Audio aka EMMA. Since returning home from the IASCA competition we have been working to get betty sent overseas. After many months and emails we bought a shipping container, found a carrier for the car, built a display booth, and made a bunch of swag giveaways. To say this was an easy task would be a lie, it has been quite difficult to figure out the proper logistics to get the car picked up in time for the show and be transported back home. As of February 7th 2020 the car will be loaded in the container along with all of the booth supplies and swag to be shipped to Salzburg Austria for the European finals. It will be quite the adventure as we have a team of 7 people going to make sure everything goes off with zero problems. We hope to be the first “Team USA” to win a European championship. At that point Betty will be undefeated internationally.

To officially retire the car from active competition we are looking forward to showing her off at SEMA 2020 as the cherry on top for all the hard work that has gone into making Black Betty a world champion of Car Audio.

If you have read this and would like more information on the car please feel free to contact us anytime! Thankyou for your support.