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Scott Buwalda CEO of Hybrid Audio Technologies & Founder of Buwalda Hybrids

It all started in 1985. I was a sophomore in high school, a musician and car freak. I cut my teeth working on cars at my big brothers side, as we souped up and restored Oldsmobile 442’s in my Mom and Dad’s front yard. The turning point away from American muscle to Japanese cars occurred when I bought my mom’s 1984 Nissan Sentra as a 16 year-old. The car remained stock for a grand total of two hours before I started tinkering with it. Using my $5.25/hour salary working as a bicycle technician and salesman, I began buying and installing car audio gear to assemble what I would consider (in my teenaged opinion) to be the most awesome audio system imaginable. My mom and dad never understood my passion for car audio, and cars, and viewed my spending as a dead end and wasteful.

This year, I enter my fifth decade on this planet, and I love cars and car audio as much now as I did then. I am blessed as the founder and owner of the high-end speaker manufacturing enterprise known as Hybrid Audio Technologies, which started from a meager beginning in my garage to now a multinationally distributed brand of products. 

“Buwalda Hybrids” has been my moniker and tradename since the early 2000‘s, when I began working on engine swaps in my chassis of choice, the Nissan S14.

Buwaldahybrids.com takes on a new life in 2020 as we roll out the official website of Black Betty V3, the world’s most recognized and prolific competition vehicle. This vehicle has set sound quality and installation quality record scores in the IASCA format in North America, and remains undefeated in organized competition. Shortly, we will campaign the car in Europe at the EMMA Euro Finals. So bookmark this site as your official information portal for our campaign in Europe, as well as our further campaign in United States, culminating in a debut at SEMA.

Also, be on the lookout for our planned business model to directly import exotic Japanese cars into the USA.